19 Things I Do to Increase Visitors This Blog Up to 419.16%


If you visit to the blogger community sites .. so many questions how to increase blog visitors.

Then this answer often comes up:
“Create an article at least once a day, more is better”.

I do not know what’s definition of “more is better”

But that’s a big mistake.If you just make a lot of articles every day, not only you will not get visitors. You will also soon get bored yourself.

Let’s look at the comparison:

There are (many) blogs that have for years still gained 100 visitors per day.Though they already have thousands of posts.
But there are also updates only once a week or even once a month, but they have thousands of traffic plus loyal readers.

What is the difference? Because people of the first kind do not do what’s in this guide.

Case study:

Here are the data directly from the website you are reading.

This is the initial condition of the website:
Launched in January as a side project

Created by people who have no name at all
Do not have connections with famous people and popular blogs
After applying the technique I will explain to you, travelid.net traffic increased dramatically to 419.16%.


Feb May - 19 Things I Do to Increase Visitors This Blog Up to 419.16%

But that’s nothing

The picture above is the overall traffic coming from all channels including search engines, referrals, social media, and email.

I can trick you by sending a lot of traffic, right?

Though the most important for any website owner is usually traffic from Google.

For that, let’s compare the organic traffic:

Organic Traffic Feb May - 19 Things I Do to Increase Visitors This Blog Up to 419.16%

The increase is 971.21%.

Almost 10 times!

This means that with this technique, you do not increase visitors temporarily. But your website will be strong in SEO and get organic traffic for the long term.

You will also be able to get the same results …

… or even more.

A. Increase non-organic traffic

Almost everyone who has ever managed a website knows that search engines are the biggest source of traffic and highest quality. That’s why we learn SEO.

But there are many people do not know …

That their SEO techniques are outdated.

Capture 2 - 19 Things I Do to Increase Visitors This Blog Up to 419.16%

In the past, we look for backlinks by submitting to social bookmarking sites, guestbooks, press releases, PBNs, and blog comments to get a rating of 1.

But now that way is no longer effective.

Google has depreciated the value of the backlinks of this type of site.

This means that backlinks from these sites can no longer significantly increase the ranking. Although in large quantities.

Being classified as spam.

Conversely, modern SEO is like this …

We do marketing, then get visitors. Of the visitors who arrive, there are some who will provide backlinks.

From this type of backlink you will get a rating of 1.

1. Provide potentially viral content

I straightened first:

We can not guarantee the content we make to be viral.

But we CAN make the content have a great chance to be viral.

Do not imagine a viral that is too big like a Gangnam Style video. The meaning of viral is that content is shared by others to social media.

How to add 6 specific factors ..

.. that is the trigger element of popularity.

If you read the above article, you will find 6 things that will trigger someone to share your content with others.

2. Active on Facebook Groups

When the new travelid.net is launched, 80% of its visitors come from groups on Facebook.

But, most bloggers who utilize Facebook groups can not get many visitors … Why?

This is the problem:

Facebook has a strict spam filter. When the links you post get no response from others, then you are unconsciously labeled as spam by the system.

So that’s how often you send a link to Facebook, no one visited.

Then what is impossible promotion on Facebook?

…Not really

If you do the right promotions, the results will be amazing.

Follow these steps:

Suppose you have a blog & content about caring for a cat, look for a Facebook group that members need this information.

Grup kucing - 19 Things I Do to Increase Visitors This Blog Up to 419.16%

You can not just put a link unknowingly with members of the group.

You also can not directly link after you know the members of the group.

… when can it be?

Once you are known as a person who often helps others. To be known, often answer group members questions and often sharing knowledge without links.

Since this is very important, I will repeat it briefly so as not to miss it.

3 promotional ban on Facebook group:

Do not promote without quality content
Do not promote in groups unrelated to content topics
Do not promote before you are known to most members
The risk is huge, so it’s best to follow this rule.

2a. Create your own group on Facebook

Instead of riding in other groups, creating your own group can be more effective.

As an admin in a group, your post will be able to reach more members. Because the post from the admin almost always appears in News Feed members.

That’s why I also recently created a guide group on Facebook.

For your group to be crowded, the tips are:

Provide group member-specific content, either an ebook or an article
Tell other groups that they can get special content if you join your group

3. Active also in Google+ Community

Who says Google+ is lonely?

Compared to Facebook are fewer people, but the content is cleaner than spam and the people are more enthusiastic.

If you have content about healthy eating, or dietary patterns, the community above can provide a lot of traffic to your blog.

But the same with Facebook, 3 restrictions were still valid.

Even in Google+ even tighter because links that are labeled as spam will be erased immediately.

One more thing:

Notice at points 2 and 3 of this I suggest you to enter the community. Not creating pages and publishing articles on their own page …


The new blog means the social account is still quiet.

This means that even if you post daily links to social media without going through the community, no one will read.


4. Find relevant forums, and be active as a member

The point is the same as the numbers 2 and 3. So, just brief.

If you pass the 2 points above, please re-read.

From the forum you can get a direct backlink (though nofollow), and you can establish relationships with other members.

I used to be active in a new forum called IdBlogSchool

Through the forum I got a lot of visitors of course.

But not only that.

Because it is a new forum, its members are fewer than the FB and G + communities. But we can get closer to the members.

So, not a few members of the forum that provide backlinks on their blog for me.

For example my friend this:

5. Still less? On the Q & A site

Similar to forums, but different.

Indeed, currently not many big question-answer sites in Indonesia. But it never hurts to try.

You do not need to be too active on a question and answer site. If there is a question that can be answered directly with your content, just give the link along with a brief explanation.

Here are some sites:

Yahoo! Answer
Takon (Android app)
Quora (international)

6. Connect with other bloggers

The techniques above it is actually to establish a relationship with prospective readers, or term audience.

But there are more powerful if you want to develop blogs faster. That is a relationship with other bloggers .. term influencer.

The reason is this:

For example a 1 share audience share your content to social media.

People who have an audience status have few followers, and maybe even from their followers no one is interested in our content.

So no more click on the results of the audience.

But suppose your content is shared by influencers with 10ribu active follower.

Then there will be hundreds to thousands of people who will come to your website.

That is why it is important to connect with them.

Now how …

Find other bloggers whose topics are the same as you. Google: “topics” + blogs.
Follow his social account
Retweet / like, and share their content consistently
Provide quality comment on his blog
Put a link to their blog in your content
Step 2-4 aims to make them aware of our existence.

And so the impression is positive.

Be careful in relationships, because if you are considered a bully then you will be ignored. This means you are missing out on potential valuable help.

7. Tell your featured content to influencers

Continued from number 6,

DO NOT do this if you have not built a positive impression in the eyes of other bloggers.


But if it works, the effect is amazing.

DO NOT submit your content to bloggers who are not interested in your content topic.

This often happens:

For example, because I am a blogger about marketing, SEO, and blogging .. then do not submit content in the topic beyond that earlier. 100% I will skip.

1 more thing you need to have:


What makes them want to read your content? What makes them help promote your content?

Here are some tips:

Discuss about them in the content. If you look at this content, there are some links to other websites … do like that.
Ask them to write an opinion on the topic you picked up, then quote their answers in the content
That’s the 2 ways I always do to get share from influencers.

8. Change the title format to be interesting to click

Imagine you’re on Facebook, then there are 2 articles with the following titles:

How to lose weight
9 Steps to lose weight up to 10kg in 30 days
(Suppose you are interested in the topic)

If you choose the latter, it means your thinking is equal to 90% of other normal human beings.

When content is shared, or appearing in Google search results .. it looks just the title. So whether someone will do click or no title dependent.

Therefore the title can instantly increase your traffic.

There are 4 U’s in writing titles, according to Copyblogger:

Useful – explain the benefits to the reader
Urgency – impressed urgent / emergency / important
Unique – presents the main idea from a different point of view from other content
Ultra-specific – written specifically
Because of the importance of the title, then I created a special guide in title writing.

There are 8 concepts and 10 bonus templates in the link above.

9. Use at least 1 image to increase clicks

People in social media prefer to see pictures rather than see writing.


Compared to text, photos on Facebook got more likes and comments. The difference is also quite far away.

Now, let’s compare it:

Between articles that have no images …

10. Newsjacking – Steal traffic from hot news

What would you do if there were hot news in the same topic as your blog?

Make a news article?

If so … you missed a big chance.

On the same day when the news is circulating, there are thousands to millions of blogs and other news websites that also make news articles that are all that.

As a result, your content sank.

But there is a more powerful way:


Newsjacking means we create a trend-related news item but add ideas, explanations, or ideas from yourself.



Around February-March 2015 there is a phenomenon of The Dress. (The dress is blue-black but looks like white-gold).

While other websites are busy making news, The Wired in this article provides an explanation behind this phenomenon.

11. Create content about a collection of articles / blogs

If anyone has a blog, I recommend at least 1 content set.

The aggregate content for example:

“10 best health bloggers in Indonesia”, “17 successful bloggers from Jakarta”, “21 articles about diet you should read”, etc …

The bottom line in 1 article contains a list of blogs or articles belonging to others.

There are 2 advantages:

Content like this tends to be more popular than regular content
Can be used as a medium to establish relationships with other bloggers (such as number 6 earlier)

Because almost all the bloggers that I include in the article eventually joined promoting the article … although I did not know before.

They share because there is their name in it.

And they have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers.

Once a share can directly send hundreds to thousands of visitors.

Not just that …

Readers blog sites are very fond of if there is 1 article whose contents are very-very complete. The more satisfied they are the more likely your article to recommend.

12. Gather emails of loyal readers, do list building

If you look carefully, in some places on this website there is an email registration form.

What for?

In order for those who like the content we remember to come back again when there are new content.

For those of you who have an online business, list building and email marketing is also the best medium to change from an unknown person to a loyal customer.

Email has been known for a long time as the best source of traffic.

13. Always choose keywords with high search volume

A friend of mine used to say this:

“My article is already ranked 1 Google without the dizzy thinking of SEO”.

Great right?

Unfortunately … not too.

Because it turns out artificial articles get ranked 1 for keywords that are not desirable, alias no one is looking for.

So this is what you should do every time you create new content:

Define the topic
Enter the topic into Google Keyword Planner
Find the greatest combination of words


14. Gather derived keywords to dominate the long tail

In the example above, although the volume is only 590 but actually if added with the total derived keyword so 1060.

There are 2 other keywords besides the main keyword.

Namely “apply for work” (260 searches) and “job applying tips” (210 searches).

So in addition to using the main keywords in articles, titles, and meta description, include keyword derivatives as much as possible.

For example the title is “How to apply for work – 21 easy tips to quickly get a job”.

This title already contains 3 keywords earlier, but still good to read because of the appropriate grammar.

Not only that….

The keywords “how to get a job”, “easy way to get a job”, “easy way to get a job” each have 210, 210, and 110 volumes.

15. Create featured content that can bring backlinks

Ever heard of the term superior seed?

Farmers always want to plant superior seeds in their fields because they have good quality and quickly deliver fruit.

Such is the philosophy of superior content (an).

This means that content is so awesome that many farmers (in this case bloggers) want to plant your content links in their fields (website).

Of course will produce fruit as well, a backlink for you.

The key to creating featured content is only 2:

Topics should be recommended (especially in public)
Its weight should be much higher than other content

16. Optimization of articles for search engines

Optimization of articles for SEO-friendly is not difficult, but it is often made difficult by many new bloggers who are getting to know SEO.

I remind one thing only:

Do not over-optimize. Your article will be like a robot, hard to read.

Basically, the term SEO articles is also a congenital of SEO jadul where we try to manipulate Google by providing a special percentage for the appearance of keyword words in the article. The term keyword density.

Consequently fatal …

Your article will be considered spam by Google.

What’s worse, visitors will not be satisfied with your reading dish.

(the order is correct like that)

We do not write for robots, but for humans. So your main focus is to satisfy humans, when humans are satisfied then Google puts you at the top.

So in a modern SEO, an SEO-friendly article is a human-friendly article.

17. Provide linkable assets – assets that invite backlinks

Article A is 1500 words long, all letters
Article B is 1500 words long, with pictures, graphs, tables
Suppose the topic is the same, the quality is equivalent.

Which makes you more interested in recommending?

Article B .. is not it?

This is because article B has assets.

Images and data presentations are assets that can invite backlinks.

Another example:

Checklist, workbook, action list
Snap photos themselves (must be interesting)
Infographics, audio, and video
Data presented in graphs or tables
Tool, template, plugin, etc.
New term
Backlink is a form of recommendation … recommendation is a story to others.

The asset can give additional story to the content.

For example, I installed a percentage like & comment on Facebook by HubSpot. The data I put because it can tell more specific to the reader of this article.

Compare again:

Indonesian internet users increased by 325% in 5 years
Indonesian internet users are increasing rapidly
When I want to tell others, it would be more interesting first. Because it is more specific and imaginable.

Similarly with other assets such as ebooks and templates.

Both will be more interesting to recommend to others because there is something that we can take directly rather than just reading.

18. Do link building

In an effort to get visitors from search engines, backlinks are the key.

Creating featured content, creating an asset, it is a link earning effort .. getting backlinks.

Earning .. passive, we are waiting for others to provide links.

There is 1 more form of link building or building backlinks.

Link building means we are actively getting backlinks out of the website, not waiting passively.

I will not talk at length about link building because in this article there are 10 ways to get backlinks.

19. Apply proactive SEO techniques to increase rankings

In this guide there are 14 SEO techniques you can do right now.

If you have finished doing what is in this article, immediately go to the article to apply 14 more techniques.

So …

That’s all the things I do regularly to increase traffic to this blog.

I know 2 types of readers:

Those who immediately apply what they read, then after a few weeks they will email me to let them know that they are successful
Those who feel the practice is too tiring, then return to the forum to ask the same thing again “how to make my blog how to do it?”
Be the first person …

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