Sony Announces New High-End Master Series OLED and LCD TV

Sony 2BBravia 2BMaster 2BSeries 2BZ9F - Sony Announces New High-End Master Series OLED and LCD TV

Sony’s goal was to create a television that accurately duplicates images so that creators want to see their content. Sony created what the viewer calls “corner”. Kando is obviously a Japanese word that gradually converts to showing emotional reactions in English. More than that

Mr. Mike Fasulo, president and COO of Sony Electronics, said on Tuesday the approach from “lens to living room” on the stage of Sony hall talks about product development for professional and consumer-oriented product development It was. The result is a new Sony Master series.

There are several functions between Z9F LCD and A9F OLED master series. Both lines feature a full color management system to support professional end user calibration using the Portrait Display’s CalMAN software. Although this new automated professional calibration process has been demonstrated, Sony already has a new special “custom” mode calibrated for consumers.

Netflix calibration mode was announced, but now it works with Master Series TV using Netflix App only. In this mode, you optimize the movie and show that it is streaming from the service, thereby providing a more accurate image for what the content creator first learned, but turning it off as you wish I can.

Both TV series will be equipped with a new X1 Ultimate processor. The new processor helps to improve image quality with “object-based HDR remaster” and “object based super resolution”, up-conversion of SDR material, and improved sharpness.

Price and release date
Sony was cautious overall on the release date and price, but only the vague release window of the fall of 2018 autonomous where the price became clear as it approached the release was obtained. However, Sony A1E OLED was released for 2,500 dollars (2500 yen) with 55 inch screen size and $ 3,500 (3,000 dollars) for 65 inch TV.

You will begin better savings.

Sony 2BBravia 2BMaster 2BSeries 2BZ9F 300x194 - Sony Announces New High-End Master Series OLED and LCD TV
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Sony Bravia Master Series Z9F

The first TV to be released was what I expected. The new Sony Bravia Z 9 F is a sequel to Sony Bravia Z 9 D released in 2016.

Sony talked about three consistent problems with LCD TV, focusing on viewing angle, motion blur, color consistency and how to solve these problems with the latest settings. First, Sony’s “X-Wide Angle” technology nearly completely eliminates the usual problems for LCD with respect to contrast and color loss. Next, Sony’s “X-Motion Clarity” controls the animation and minimizes blurring. Finally, with the above X1 Ultimate processor, you can manage the light to handle contrast problems.

X1 Ultimate was showcased at CES 2018. At CES 2018 Sony put it in the TV with a peak brightness of about 10,000 knit. I do not expect Z9F to approach such a brightness level, but if equipped with Ultimate it is also suitable for Sony’s next-generation LCD.

Sony 2BBravia 2BMaster 2BSeries 2BA9F 300x194 - Sony Announces New High-End Master Series OLED and LCD TV
image: techradar

Sony Bravia Master Series A9F

The A9F OLED, the second TV to be released for the master series, is equipped with a Pixel Contrast Booster that emphasizes colors with high brightness, dark black, and wide viewing angle. Sony did not talk about the local dimming zone and advised reviewers to check themselves for that information.

A new acoustic surface audio + sound demo was impressive. The 3.2 channel sound system includes an additional center actuator and two side facing subwoofers. When the richer bass was missing, the sound was full and rich.

Sony also announced a center speaker model that can use Acoustic Surface Audio + as a center speaker for home audio systems. This is a wonderful compromise for people who have already invested heavily in AV setup.

Prior to that of Sony A1E OLED like the following, the A9F screen tilts slightly back to the picture frame stand. This allows you to make the screen freely visible from the stand using a minimal bezel, but you can hang television on the wall if you wish.

Early decision

Both televisions have many things. Z9F overcomes the maximum limit of LCD televisions AV fans have struggled for many years, but A9F seems to bring OLED audio closer to or better than video technology. Both screens come with a remote control with a microphone. It is equipped with Android TV with help of the hands-free Google Assistant … It is up to you whether you feel a function or a potential pain.

It was said that it is difficult for Sony to find out what was not dealing with these beautiful displays. The 65 and 75 inch sized Z9F LCD may become the next lord of the LCD and the A9F OLED provided at 55 inch and 65 inch screen sizes will continue to maintain Sony’s advantage in the OLED field I am trying.

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